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Faktencheck der "MSM Fact Checkers"
Die MSM haben verschiedene Artikel veröffentlicht, die NESARA/GESARA entlarven und behaupten, es existiere nicht. Auf dieser Seite werden wir uns ihre Artikel ansehen und erklären, wie sie die Menschen in die Irre führen, damit sie glauben, dass es nicht existiert.
Einige fehlgeleitete "Faktenprüfer" diskreditieren fälschlicherweise das echte "NESARA", indem sie das gescheiterte "NESARA"-System beschreiben, das in den 1990er Jahren von Harvey Francis Barnard und später von Shaini Candace Goodwin, auch bekannt als "Dove of Oneness", vorgeschlagen wurde. Trotz der Verwendung desselben Akronyms handelt es sich um unterschiedliche Systeme, die nicht verwechselt werden sollten.

National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act ist das nicht mehr existierende System, das normalerweise von "Faktenprüfern" zitiert wird.
National Economic Security and Reformation Act  ist das gute System, das mit den White Hats und dem QFS verbunden ist.

The false NESARA was published on nesara.org, a long time ago and includes a detailed document that you can read here. That is the "NESARA" the "fact checkers" are misleadingly refering to by saying it is is somehow "false". Of course, they are accurate with that claim, yet the real purpose is to confuse people into believing the real NESARA is false as well, as most people do not recognise the different wording.

Das falsche NESARA wurde schon vor langer Zeit auf nesara.org veröffentlicht und enthält ein detailliertes Dokument, das du hier lesen kannst. Das ist das "NESARA", auf das sich die "Faktenprüfer" irreführend beziehen, indem sie behaupten, es sei irgendwie "falsch". Mit dieser Behauptung liegen sie natürlich richtig, doch in Wirklichkeit geht es darum, die Menschen zu verwirren, damit sie glauben, dass das echte NESARA ebenfalls falsch ist, da die meisten Menschen den unterschiedlichen Wortlaut nicht erkennen.

Während der Text des echten NESARA nicht veröffentlicht wurde, da er ständig überarbeitet wurde, sind die grundlegenden 20 Akte veröffentlicht worden, wie du auf unserer Homepage findest.

Wenn du das verstehst, werden die Versuche, dich in die Irre zu führen, viel deutlicher.

USA Today: Published April 13, 2022
Fact check: Baseless NESARA conspiracy theory resurfaces online

This is a typical article aimed at misleading people by debunking the false NESARA, that was never intended to be implemented as it was created to cause confusion by using the term NESARA with a different meaning. They link to a BBC Sounds report that is equally misleading, that we will be reporting on soon.

By referring to the fake NESARA, they are telling the truth that it has not been introduced or passed by congress.

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BBC Trending: Published August 21, 2021
Released On: 21 Aug 2021
Nesara is a decades-old conspiracy theory whose followers believe all their debts will be magically cancelled in a radical reset of the world’s economic system.

It’s a bizarre and baseless idea whose promoters peddle a vision of a financial neverneverland that is always just round the corner.

Many of those who get sucked in, develop an almost cult-like belief in Nesara that inspires them to make horrific financial decisions that they think will make them rich. It’s a fantasy whose real life impact is dividing families and ruining lives.

So why during the Covid-19 pandemic has Nesara become more popular than ever?

Presenters: Jonathan Griffin & Shayan Sardarizadeh
Additional reporting: Olga Robinson
Editor: Ed Main

This podcast from BBC Treading, quotes an anonymous women who is suffering from having Trump supporters that refuse to accept Joe Biden and anti-Vaxxers.

They demean NESARA as a wild conspiracy theory and state that there is no truth in any of this, yet presenting no evidence to support their statements.
They state that it was somehow alarming to invest in Gold and Silver. Yet, Gold and Silver have always been seen as safe investments and have maintained their value whereas fiat currencies have drastically lost their value over the past decades. To state that investing in Gold and Silver is somehow bad, is frankly absurd.

They then give the history of NESARA as, you've guessed it, the fake NESARA story of the "National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act."

They then talk about Shaini Candice Goodwin, a lady that was talking about the fake act and her criminal past. Again, she was pushing the fake NESARA, not the real one and died in 2010.

The BBC then confuse the issue by referring to how Clinton had been forced to sign the NESARA act in 2001, he did and that was the real NESARA, yet the BBC deemed that story to be nonsense, again, without evidence.

They continued to mention 9/11 and how it was nonsense that NESARA was due to be announced that day. Everything is declared to be false, without actually providing evidence of that.
Read the history of NESARA above for a more detailed factual account - something the BBC obviously did not research in their hit piece.

They then move on to Pandemic times and how discussions of NESARA were renewed. Then even quote Charlie Ward, who they depict as a QAnon promoter. They fail to mention that Charlie is promoting the real NESARA, not the false one they have been discussing.

They move on to discussing the Global Currency Revaluation, for example how the Iraqi Dinar will be revalued to its original value before it was artificially devalued. There is a lot of evidence of this, yet not apparently to the BBC reporters that again ridicule the idea. They say there is no indication that something like that would ever happen. In reality exactly that has already happened when the Kuwaiti Dinar was revalued the same way as expected for the Iraqi Dinar. In fact the plan is now to unite the Dinar currencies as the Golden Dinar to be used in several middle-Eastern countries. Facts that were ignored by these BBC journalists.

They then present another anonymous lady talking about her parents buying Dinar, as if it were some kind of scam. That is pretty poor evidence and the BBC should be better than that.
Everything is declared to be a scam, with no real evidence and little research.

You will find that the NESARA proponents, including the named Charlie Ward and even ourselves, are NOT involved in selling or marketing any of these currencies and rightly so.

We have strong indications from many sources and whistleblowers, both in the military and banking system, that NESARA is real and they are all preparing from it, yet under strict NDAs not to confirm it publically until it is publically announced. Our evidence as documented on our channels is certainly a lot better than the BBC's anonymous quoting of a lady who has done little research and is frankly just venting.

They end by quoting a lady that obviously naively believes that society, governments and bankers are trustworthy...

In summary, the BBC have made this report based on the false NESARA intermixed with quotes from ladies who obviously know very little and will not even give their real names. The real scam is this poor heavily biased BBC report that does not even meet the BBC guidelines of giving both sides of the argument equal coverage and neutrally allowing the audienece to decide.

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